Enhancing Emergency Preparedness through Effective Resource Management

Resources and their management represent a crucial element within the field of emergency management. Wang, Tepfenhart and Rosca (2009) highlight that a “lack of resources can cause contention, the need for some tasks to wait for others to complete, and the slowing down of the accomplishment of larger goals”.

Dublin City University - DCU Business School - Enhancing Emergency Preparedness through Effective Resource Management

D4H Technologies have a successful history of collaborating with emergency responders, which previously led us to building a free Readiness Calculator Tool that helps you record and analyze your operations, members, equipment, and training. To ensure we continue to offer the best-in-class Resource Management tools, we decided to sponsor a detailed academic project and white paper in this research area.

Dublin City University have produced an authoritative, in-depth, white paper on resource management; which presents a look at current problems and provides conclusions. To achieve this research, an extensive literature review was conducted, which served as the theoretical foundation on which the study, including the questionnaire, was built.

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About DCU Business School

As an AACSB accredited Business School, DCU Business School has demonstrated that it is an engaged and innovative school which prides itself on its impact on students and industry, and on its excellent reputation. The mission of DCU Business School is to educate leaders and professionals for the global marketplace. In order to fulfil this mission, the School offers a suite of general and specialist Masters degrees to appropriately qualified entrants. The programmes have been designed in response to the needs of industry and so that they prepare students for leadership roles in the global marketplace. In line with this strategy, DCU Business School provides students with the opportunity to study for an MSc in Emergency Management and encourages faculty and scholars to complete research in this important field.

Dr Caroline McMullan

Dr Caroline McMullan is the Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning at DCU Business School where she specialises in Emergency, Crisis and Business Continuity Management.

Caroline’s teaching and research cover a broad spectrum of subjects including her key interests Building Resilient Communities/Organisations and Risk Perception. Her PhD thesis explored how small to medium enterprises could implement effective Crisis Management.

Dr McMullan is Programme Director of the MSc Emergency Management at DCU and Joint Chair of the MSc Humanitarian Logistics and Emergency Management. At a national level, Caroline has contributed to the development of emergency management policy and was the architect of the first National Risk Register.

Gavin D. Brown

Gavin D. Brown is a research officer at DCU Business School where he specialises in the area of risk and emergency management. Gavin was educated at DCU, where he completed an MSc in Emergency Management and an honours degree in Environmental Science and Health.

Gavin engages in research related to community and organisational resilience, preparedness planning and risk perception. His teaching focuses on emergency management theory as well as research methods – with particular emphasis on qualitative methodologies in emergency management.

Gavin is a member of the Fingal County Council Emergency Management Unit which provides logistical and technical support to Fingal County Council in relation to its responsibilities under a Framework for Major Emergency Management.