A better way for US&R to be ready to respond

Urban Search & Rescue missions can be rare, but you must remain ready. Finally, everything your task force needs in a single software package to administer your equipment, personnel, and incidents; your one stop shop.

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Record all USAR training in a common reporting format that allows you to prove your competence when responding to collapsed structures. If required, easily report to INSARAG and FEMA on your equipment, qualifications, and readiness.

Get more grants

When it comes to funding, the US&R team with the most data wins. Demonstrate the capabilities that are served by existing grants and how you can forecast improve with more. There are no argument against facts.

The big day out

US&R incidents are inherently rare occurrences, but when they happen, they are huge. Always be ready for your big day out with comprehensive training programs, equipment readiness, following INSARAG technical guidance.

Your equipment cache will always be ready to go

Create, assign, and track repairs

Never miss an inspection, repair, or expiry date again. Easily manage a cache of cutting equipment, ropes, shoring materials, and confined space access gear.

Comprehensive USAR warehouse inventory

Designed specifically to manage USAR equipment, we summarize your entire cache down to a single green traffic light as ready-to-go.

Your task force will always have the necessary training records

Spend your training budget on the right personnel

Ensure that you're spending your US&R training budget on the team members who deploy the most and that your best personnel receive regular refreshers while getting the suitable experience in the field.

Schedule training exercises, attendance, and courses

Deliver a complete US&R Technician, Team Leaders, and K9 training schedule, ensuring you cover all aspects of the curriculum on a regular basis. If they're not competent, they're incompetent.

US&R Teams with the right information win

"The D4H solution has revolutionized how we conducted our business as well as provided a solid collaborative communication platform that provides cutting edge technologies and effective outcomes."

Jeff Straub
Emergency Manager, South Carolina

Always have visibility on your US&R assets

Share data with your region

Create an organization or mutual-aid association by connecting multiple teams together. Aggregate all data, statistics, and reporting across a region to determine macro-trends and make high-level decisions.

Determine the capability of your state

Ensure you have the capabilities within your state to respond to a wide variety of disasters including hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding, winter storms, and more.

Easily analyze your US&R deployments

Cost recovery and budget justification

Easy-to-use standardized hazardous material and waste incident reporting forms to track costs, consumables, personnel, and trucks used available on any-device, anywhere, at any-time.

Be single-click ready for your audit

The evolution of technology has allowed HAZMAT teams to capture, store, and analyze incident response data in a structured way. It'll be just like having your own in-house statistician with single-click daily, monthly, and annual reporting, charts, and maps.

Always be ready.

Join US&R teams across North America who use our software to maintain a permanent state of readiness. Always have the right information when things go wrong.

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