Members of the Virginia Task Force 1 Urban Search and Rescue Team Haiti by USAID / Creative Commons

A better way to manage your Search & Rescue organization

Finally, everything your SAR organization needs in a single software package to administer equipment, personnel, and incidents; your one stop shop.

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Comprehensive Statistics

The organizations with the best data often win. Record all SAR operations in a common reporting format that allows you to prove your value when responding to lost & missing persons, and those trapped, or injured in remote and hostile environments.

Equipment Safety

Inherent to dangerous environments is the dependency on our personal protective equipment, safety lines, and survival devices always being in good operating order. Ensure your equipment always works.

Professional Volunteers

Many SAR organizations depend on volunteers as the backbone of the service they provide. Ensure your volunteers are professionally trained and compliant with the standards you require.

Collect incident reports from across your organization

Share data with your region

Create an organization or association by connecting multiple teams together. Aggregate all data, statistics, and reporting across a region to determine macro-trends and make high-level decisions.

Determine the capability of your association

Ensure you have the capabilities within your association to respond to a wide variety of SAR missions including missing persons, mountain rescue, flooding, winter storms, and more.

Easily analyze your SAR missions

Identify prevention methods

Easy-to-use standardized Search & Rescue incident reporting forms to track demographics, equipment, personnel, and attendance; available on any-device, anywhere, at any-time.

Be single-click ready for your audit

The evolution of technology has allowed SAR teams to capture, store, and analyze incident response data in a structured way. It'll be just like having your own in-house statistician with single-click daily, monthly, and annual reporting, charts, and maps.

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Search & Rescue teams with the right information win

"D4H is ideal for ensuring we know what team members are available and that we can contact them quickly. Within the first week of using D4H we had a call from the Air Force wanting details and locations of previous incidents for their records. The fact that we could almost instantly send a detailed analysis and breakdown of these, with reports for each and location maps of our local hotspots was fantastic."

Paul Calland
Bay Search & Rescue

Your members will always have the necessary training records

Spend your training budget on the right personnel

Ensure that you're spending your SAR training budget on the team members who attend the most and that your best personnel receive regular refreshers while getting the suitable experience in the field.

Schedule training exercises, attendance, and courses

Deliver a complete SAR Technician training schedule, ensuring you cover all aspects of the curriculum on a regular basis. If they're not competent, they're incompetent.

Your gear will always be safe and ready to go

Create, assign, and track repairs

Quickly add repairs for your team to complete. Auto-generated emails will alert them of their tasks and notify you once the item returns to service.

Make keeping equipment logs painless

Configure a recurring inspection program that will pro-actively notify your equipment officers when items are due. Upload 3rd party certificates and record results.

Always be ready.

Join SAR teams around the world who use our software to maintain a permanent state of readiness. Always have the right information when things go wrong.

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