D4H™ Personnel & Training for HAZMAT Response

Your HAZMAT personnel will always be ready to go. Our software will organize the administration of your qualifications, training, attendance records, and members profiles.

Training Calendars

Securely share training calendars with your team. Request personnel to attend and collect their responses in real-time.

Built-In Communications

Target messages across multiple channels including SMS text message, email, and voice calling to your groups of qualification holders, membership lists, and activity attendees.

Document Library

Upload training materials, manuals, and resources to a shared repository. Securely permissions folders and attach photos to training exercises.

On-call Planner

Allow personnel to mark themselves on-call and off-call while keeping a continuous monitor on available resources. Set required levels and get alerted when not compliant.

Your all encompassing personnel database

Designed specifically to manage Hazardous Material personnel, we summarize your entire team down to a single green traffic light as ready-to-go. Suitable for national HAZMAT response organizations with hundreds of members right down to the smallest local response units.


Qualifications and training management

Manage your entire training program though our solution. Sign-in using any internet connected device to check qualifications, log training, or print report cards.

Meet training expectations

Set qualification expectations for each member depending on their group memberships. Easily determine who needs more training, and plan for future requirements.

Certification expiry alerts

Your members and training officers will be proactively notified by email before any certification expires. Without re-certification within the permitted time, both are again notified that the member is no longer compliant.


Simplest way to keep attendance records

Our complete attendance management system allows you to invite your personnel to attend training exercises and events. Once added to your shared calendar, members are able to confirm themselves as attending. Your training officer may build exercises with pre-plans, attached documents, assigned roles, and required equipment. Full self-service reporting provides detailed statistics on each member’s experience, with automated monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting.

The right information when things go wrong

15 Million

Hours Recorded Every Year


Time savings for your team

Start centralizing your team information now

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