D4Hâ„¢ Organization Performance for HAZMAT

Connect multiple Special Operations teams together to report upwards to a single organization. Create large datasets to understand the resources, capabilities, personnel, and equipment available within your mutual aid, regional, or state association.

Aggregated Statistics

By connecting all teams together, you may aggregate statistics into a common dashboard for reporting and analysis.

Common Reporting

Ensure that all teams are using the same reporting forms, categories, and tags. Update forms in real-time across your organization.

Officer Access

Control permission levels for your organization to only allow central officers and management access, or provide access to every team leader.

No Paperwork Delays

Electronic reporting removes the delays created by paper-based reporting. Once a report is published, all organization statistics, charts, and maps are immediately updated.

All Your Special Ops Paperwork Centralized

Our complete organization records system allows you share and manage data across all HAZMAT teams in your entire region. Deep-dive down through teams into their incidents, membership, and training to compare. Full self-service reporting provides detailed statistics on all teams activities, with automated monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting.


Team Performance

Quickly measure the performance of your teams that respond to chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive threats. Report and run audits on the readiness of their personnel, equipment, and training.

Compare & Contrast

Put your specialist units side-by-side to compare and contrast their ability to pass an audit or receive grants for environmental, transportation, terrorist, or weapons of mass destruction (WMD) capabilities.

Determine Training Requirements

Understand the training needs through-out your organization. Decide what the training liability and costs looks like, and what budgetary requirements are coming in the next year.


National, State, or Local Statistics

Your high-level view of national, state, and local statistics. Built-in annual, quarterly, and monthly reports are automatically generated in the software. With unlimited scalability you can grow your organisation to hundreds of teams providing millions of hours of statistics. At this level, it's your responsibility to identify the macro-trends and patterns that will affect both the public population and your fire department's special operations units.

The right information when things go wrong

15 million

Response Hours Recorded Annually


Time savings for your organization

Start centralizing your team information now

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