D4H™ Incident Reporting & Analytics for HAZMAT

Create your own reporting system with accurate hazardous material incident data. Be able to ask any question of your team, and determine the answer with a single-click. Prove the value of your specialism with accurate reporting on your chemicals, gases, liquids, sampling, and air monitoring.

GIS Enabled Mapping

In partnership with Esri ArcGIS Online we give you the ability to use cluster mapping analysis of your incidents. Determine hotspots and geocode locations by address to display on satellite imagery.

Standardized Format

Anybody can pick up and easily create a report without training, having to learn your format, or be instructed about what to include.

Automatic Weather Data

Automatically retrieve the weather from the nearest weather station with proximity to your incident. Wind speed, direction, precipitation, and cloud coverage are all included.

Cost Recovery

Assign costs against an incident based on personnel roles, equipment used, and vehicles deployed. Single-click print a professionally formatted report for those accountable.

Your GIS enabled incident database

Designed specifically to record incidents involving Hazardous Materials, we make it very easy for your team to capture incident data without any instruction. Our intuitive system aggregates all of your data into a complete statistics package, with maps, filters, charts, and printable reports instantly available. As part of the D4H™ DECISIONS suite, D4H™ Incident Reporting & Analytics may be integrated with our other solutions. The addition of D4H™ Personnel & Training will enable attendance and experience tracking on incidents while D4H™ Equipment Management will provide tracking of equipment used on incident. Connect your team to a D4H™ Organization account to report incident data up to your parent organization or mutual aid association.


Powerful Statistics & Analysis

Use our self-service reporting to generate cluster maps, summaries, and breakdowns of your incidents. Filter by location, tag, type, and resources used.

Standardized Format

By recording information in a standardized format, it’s always easy to query your data.

Automated Monthly Reports

Our software will automatically create professional monthly and annual PDF reports for you.


Detailed Hazardous Material Reporting

Log full chemical data for liquids, gases, and solids. Include properties such as UN numbers, LEL, UEL, Flash Points, and IDLH. Log multiple materials, their containers, pipes, barrels and behaviour. Document air monitoring readings and samples taken, locate them on a map, and include the completion of the chain of custody. Persons involved including those decontaminated may registered with demographics taken for age, gender, nationality, and injuries.

The right information when things go wrong

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Time savings for your team

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