Hazmat responder takes a gas detection reading in a Level A suit by The US Army / Creative Commons

A better way to manage your HAZMAT response team

Finally, everything your team needs in a single software package to administer your equipment, personnel, and incidents; your one stop shop.

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Prove your value

Record all HAZMAT operations in a common reporting format that allows you to prove your value when responding to Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive threats. Capture the intangible values that are traditionally difficult to evidence.

Get more grants

The Hazardous Materials response teams with the most data win. The best way to prepare for any budget conversation is to know what’s going on with your team today and have the data to prove it. There are no arguments against facts.

Measure your future

The only thing you can predict with certainty, is that without collecting today’s data, you can't answer tomorrow’s questions. You cannot manage what you do not measure within your incident response procedures.

Your equipment will always be ready to go

Automated maintenance program

Never miss an inspection, repair, or expiry date again. Easily manage a cache of monitors, detectors, hazmat trucks, and breathing apparatus across multiple shifts.

Know the location of everything

Never leave for an incident without knowing everything is on your truck and in the correct compartment. Avoid misplaced or forgotten equipment by tracking and auditing who had what, when, and where.

Your personnel will always have the necessary training records

Spend your training budget on the right personnel

Ensure that you're spending your HAZMAT training budget on the team members who attend the most and that your best personnel receive regular hazardous material refreshers while getting the suitable experience in the field.

Schedule training exercises, attendance, and courses

Deliver a complete HAZMAT Technician training schedule, ensuring you cover all aspects of a CBRN curriculum on a regular basis. If they're not competent, they're incompetent.

Western Wayne Mutual Aid Fire Department

HAZMAT Response Teams with the right information win

"The program answers every imaginable question you might have about your department, from where a particular piece of equipment located to what's its maintenance status and history and who qualified to wear an SCBA mask. The program can answer these and many other questions with a few clicks of a mouse."

Mike Magda
Western Wayne County Hazardous Materials Response Team

Easily analyze your CBRN incident reports

Cost recovery and budget justification

Easy-to-use standardized hazardous material and waste incident reporting forms to track costs, consumables, personnel, and trucks used available on any-device, anywhere, at any-time.

Be single-click ready for your audit

The evolution of technology has allowed HAZMAT teams to capture, store, and analyze incident response data in a structured way. It'll be just like having your own in-house statistician with single-click daily, monthly, and annual reporting, charts, and maps.

Your regional HAZMAT teams will always be connected

Share data with your region

Create an organization or mutual-aid association by connecting multiple teams together. Aggregate all data, statistics, and reporting across a region to determine macro-trends and make high-level decisions.

Determine the capability of your state

Ensure you have the capabilities within your state to respond to terrorist threats involving weapons of mass destruction (WMD), transportation tankers, railroads, and environmental waste. Always be able to depend on the ability to scale up your incident command system (ICS).

Always be ready.

Join HAZMAT response teams across North America who use our software to maintain a permanent state of readiness. Always have the right information when things go wrong.

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