D4H™ LIVE Emergency Operations Platform

Our software will organize, structure, and share all your EOC information during an emergency response. Always ensure your decisions, actions, and commands are documented ready for audit.

Real Time EOC Logging

Your multi-user real time event log will automatically timestamp, tag, source, and audit your information. Quickly access, search, and filter using our unique FollowMe™ logging.

Share Dashboards and Reports

Design your own live dashboards for your big TV monitors, and single-click publish professional snapshots of the current situation and resources.

ICS Forms & GIS Mapping

Built-in ESRI mapping will help you to visualize and annotate your situation geographically. Fill in your ICS forms using our D4H™ LIVE platform to gain situational awareness faster than ever before.

Build Your Own Apps

Our platform is expandable, configure your own information management modules for damage assessments, evacuations, road closures, cost tracking, and any other trackable scenarios.

Your real time Public Safety EOC dashboard

Good decisions require good information. Information has never before been available in such quantity, but it rapidly loses quality and reliability over time. Communication channels become flooded, information is lost, and your facts quickly turn stale. In a pressurized situation, data will inevitably be shared inconsistently, resulting in a challenging situation when trying to analyze it. Unlike what you've ever seen before, D4H™ LIVE is a high quality information source for your EOC that merges your event log and communication system across your logistics, operations, planning, and intelligence sections.


Your Single Source of Truth

When so much is at risk, it’s critical to maintain a single source of truth. D4H™ LIVE software makes gathering structured information simple; to be self­-organizing, and for your information to be held in such a way as to be intuitive when you need to use it for decision making.

Event Log and Audit

Once your crisis has ended, It’s a safe bet that the final protracted stages will involve litigation. Prepare for it by automatically collecting a complete audit trail of every action, decision, and piece of information.

Offline & Mobile Ready

We understand that your field resources may lose connectivity while in transit or affected areas. Let them disconnect entirely with full functionality. We'll automatically sync their data chronologically once they reconnect.


Highly Defensible Decisions

Use D4H™ LIVE to make decisions that will withstand second-guessing, cross-examination, testimonies, hearings, media-spin, and investigations. If you can demonstrate you had all the information available to your organization at the time, you can defend your decision. You may have successfully reduced damage to property, people, businesses, and the environment, but you are far from finished with the administration.

The right information when things go wrong.

15 Million

Response Hours Recorded Annually


Time savings for your unit

Start centralizing your EOC information now

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