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A better way to manage your Emergency Operations

Finally, a high quality information source to help you create logs and make decisions that will withstand second-guessing, cross-examination, hearings, media-spin, and investigations.

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Real-time Information

Turn wisdom into real-time knowledge. Information is only as good as its source; and without managing it correctly, it rapidly loses quality and reliability over time. Communication channels become flooded, information is lost, and your facts quickly turn stale.

Litigation Protection

Once your crisis has ended, It’s a safe bet that the final protracted stages will involve litigation. You may have successfully reduced damage to property, people, businesses, and the environment, but you are far from finished with the administration.

Experienced EOC Staff

The outcome of an incident, crisis, or emergency is determined by the capability of those who respond. Ensure your EOC staff are regularly trained and experienced with scheduled drills.

Easily log and manage information during an emergency.

Apps to manage your incident

Keep a timestamped event log to quickly document and record your EOC information. Allow users from the operations, planning, logistics, and finance sections to contribute.

Share reports with your chiefs

Our software will organize, structure, and share all your EOC information during an emergency response. Always ensure your decisions, actions, and commands are documented ready for audit.

Your staff will always have the necessary experience

Spend your training budget on the right personnel

Ensure that you're spending your EOC training budget on the team members who attend the most activations and that your best personnel receive regular refreshers while getting the suitable experience in ICS.

Schedule training exercises, drills, and courses

Deliver a complete EOC training schedule across your organization, ensuring you cover all aspects of the curriculum on a regular basis. If they're not competent, they're incompetent.

Emergency Operations Centers with the right information win

"The D4H solution has revolutionized how we conducted our business as well as provided a solid collaborative communication platform that provides cutting edge technologies and effective outcomes."

Jeff Straub
Emergency Manager, South Carolina

The right information.

Join EOC staff around the world who use our software to maintain a permanent state of readiness. Always have the right information when things go wrong.

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