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A better way to manage your Industrial Emergency department

Finally, everything your facility needs in a single software package to administer equipment, personnel, and incidents; your one stop shop.

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Audit Ready

Record all emergency response activities in a common reporting format that allows you to easily report for OSHA on the experience, qualifications, and training of your members. Track equipment inspections, maintenance, and repair records ready for audit.

Prove your value

Single-click reports, charts, and maps of your incident and site support activities. Report by the attendance hour, resources protected, and loss prevention values that prove your value to the corporation you keep safe and operational.

Be More Than Emergencies

You don't just respond to emergencies anymore; you are a comprehensive resource to assist in the planning and implementation of health, safety, and environmental protection.

Every shift will have suitable training records and experience

Spend your training budget on the right responders

Ensure that you're spending your industrial response training budget on the staff who turn-out the most and that they receive regular refreshers while getting the suitable experience in the field.

Schedule training exercises, attendance, and courses

Deliver a complete industrial firefighting and paramedic training schedule, ensuring you cover all aspects of the curriculum on a regular basis. If they're not competent, they're incompetent.

Easily report on your incidents

Cost recovery and budget justification

Easy-to-use standardized industrial incident and hazardous material reporting forms to track costs, consumables, personnel, and trucks used available on any-device, anywhere, at any-time.

Be single-click ready for your audit

The evolution of technology has allowed SAR teams to capture, store, and analyze incident response data in a structured way. It'll be just like having your own in-house statistician with single-click daily, monthly, and annual reporting, charts, and maps.

Industrial Emergency Departments with the right information win

"With D4H we can now prove incidents are being reduced due to our efforts in prevention. We needed help with tracking training, reporting incidents, and trying to keep all our equipment in check. Serious incidents are rare, so there is a lot of preparation in order to hold a strong state of readiness."

Canadian Oil Sands

Your equipment will always be ready to go

Know the location of everything in your truck

Never leave for an incident without knowing everything is on your rescue truck and in the correct compartment. Avoid misplaced or forgotten equipment by tracking and auditing who had what, when, and where.

Automated maintenance program

Never miss an inspection, repair, or expiry date again. Easily manage medical consumables, breathing apparatus, confined space access, and heavy rescue equipment across multiple shifts.

View all your facilities in a single dashboard

Share data with your headquarters

Create an organization by connecting multiple sites together. Aggregate all data, statistics, and reporting across a region to determine macro-trends and make high-level decisions.

Determine the capabilities within your company

Ensure you have the capabilities within your company to respond to every type of threat, incident, or accident. Be confident that you can depend on every facility to have the right training and resources to scale up their incident command system (ICS).

Prove your value.

Join industrial facilities around the world who use our software to maintain a permanent state of readiness. Always have the right information when things go wrong.

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