"Right information when things go wrong."

D4H Technologies is the #1 information management software for emergencies and incidents worldwide. Recording over 15 million response hours per year, D4H solutions are deployed in more than 16 countries. Everyday we drive efficiencies within clients’ industrial facilities, public safety teams, and corporate crises.

Founded in 2008 by Robin Blandford, combining his background in the Coast Guard with an accomplished team of computer scientists and emergency managers; D4H has injected global visibility into tens of thousands of operations on every continent in the world. Driven by a talented executive team, D4H Technologies' mission is to provide the “Right Information When Things Go Wrong”.


Our headquarters has been saving lives since 1814. Over 200 years of accident prevention and emergency response history lies in its walls. Take a virtual visit to our lighthouse, 134ft above the sea in Dublin Bay, Ireland.

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Deliver tangible human outcomes every day. We believe in giving real responsibilities, and offer incredible opportunities across sales, business, customer success, and engineering.

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The future is built on tightly integrated services, the future is open and extendable, the future is a collaboration not a closed wall. We only work with the best-in-class partners and providers.

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1.800.480.5103 (Toll Free)

177 Huntington Ave Ste 1703 #22418, Boston, Massachusetts 02115-3153, United States.

+353 1 525 2970

The Baily Lighthouse, Dublin, D13 K7K8, Ireland.

United Kingdom
+44 20 3432 0730

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VAT Registration

D4H Technologies Limited is a registered company no. 463199 in the Republic of Ireland. Directors R.Blandford, J.Blandford.

Our Ideals

Outcomes, over incomes - focus on delivering tangible human outcomes and the rest will follow.

Engage, don’t interrupt - become multiplied by communities who are truly inspired by your work.

Creativity, before productivity - create thick, real, meaningful value; rather than shifting around the old.

Connections, amplify transactions - build your connections deeply; through co-creation and collaboration.

People, beat products - people buy from people; be person to person (P2P) before being business to business (B2B).

Proactive, not passive - stealth mode is for planes; Demonstrate your energy, skill, and dedication.


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