What’s new in Apple iOS 6 for Emergency Responders?


1) Google Maps is Gone, Apple Maps are In
Apple have removed Google Maps from the iPhone, we assume it’ll be available as a standalone app, but when you click on an address or location from now on you’ll get Apple Maps. The big difference is vector rendering (how maps are loaded) - whereas Google has tile-based rendering. This will allow you to zoom in & out much smoother, tilt in 3D, and perform flyovers. You also get turn-by-turn navigation on iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and iPad 3. Apparently hi-res 3D flyovers will also be available for metropolitan areas - this is something we’ll keep a close eye on.
Warning: If you regularly look up satellite imagery in Google Maps to get an idea of your operating area, we don’t know what quality Apple Maps will provide yet. Make sure to pre-check your area, especially outside the US to make sure you’re not caught short on a mission. We do know Apple have licenced road network content from a SatNav provider so presumably road content will be top notch but slow to upgrade.

2) Facebook Integration Like Twitter
If your Public Relations officer updates your organization’s Twitter from their iPhone, it’s great for photos and statuses of missions & training, you’ll now be able to do this with the new Facebook Integration also. Unlike using the apps, the integrations allow you to post a photo directly from the camera or location directly from the map.
Warning: You won’t be able to update your team’s ‘Facebook Page’ from what we can see. Unlike Twitter where you can have multiple accounts, and organizations are the same as users, on Facebook you’re only allowed 1 personal account, and organizations have Pages. You’ll still have to use the Facebook Pages app for this.

3) Photo Stream Sharing
Rather than just sharing an individual photo with other responders or your command, you’re now able to share entire folders. Every photo that’s added to the folder will be shared, and a notification sent to those who you’ve shared it with. Photos will automatically download to iPhoto or the web. 

4) Facetime Calls Over Cellular
Now you can use live video calls from anywhere, not just on wifi. Looking forward to hearing about the first live video feed from the hot-zone. Helmet mounts for your iPhone are available. Wondering how a live call with video may help a responder dealing with a remote casualty to be talked through telemedicine procedures.

5) Do Not Disturb Mode
You can now set your iPhone to not disturb you while asleep unless the call comes from a specific number such as your tasking authority or somebody attempts to call you twice in 3 minutes. Quite clever.
You can can also press a button to not answer an inbound call but automatically send them an SMS with “I’ll Call You Later” and other templates. Perfect for when you’re too busy on a tasking.

6) Fullscreen Web Browsing
Turn your iPad or iPhone horizontal and tap the fullscreen button to go into fullscreen mode. Perfect for accessing your Decisions [D4H] - Multi Award Winning Emergency Response Software.

7) When In Motion

Using the new accessibility tools, you can do things like disable motion sensing and areas of the screen. You can also disable the home button. While this is designed for parents of children with autism, we think it’s perfect for mounting or carrying in a dry-bag an iPad or iPhone on a boat or 4x4 vehicle where it’s locked down to kiosk mode in a single app such as counting statistics.

8) Get a Wide-View Up To 240 Degrees
You can now take panoramic photographs of the scene’s you attend by sweeping the camera from left to right or bottom to top. This will record 240 degrees of angle and stitch them together in a very large hi-res image. While this has been possible, it’s the ability to do it fast on the move, that will make it a useful tool.

9) Location Services
We Think Find My Friends will develop into an interesting tool for keeping track of a group when they permission you to do so. It probably doesn’t have enough detail right now, but we’ve got an eye on it.

10) Higher Alert Vibrations & Full Field Search
Quickly find a contact by searching all fields. So you can just type their organization or Fire Dept name to quickly bring up everyone from that department. You can also set custom vibrations for each one, so an SMS from your [D4H] Emergency Response SMS number could vibrate as SOS morse code so you don’t miss it.

11) How Do I Update?
Depending on the version your phone may update over Wifi or need to be plugged into iTunes by a Cable. We speak to many responders who’ve never updated their phone from earlier versions of iOS and are missing out on iMessage. Superb for sharing video and photos with your team while on an operation. If you’d like more information on these topics or Decisions [D4H] - Multi Award Winning Emergency Response Software call us on (650) 866 5922 or email [email protected]

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